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I was using coin gecko on the web browser and I enjoyed the site. So upon first downloading the app I was immediately given the option to select dark mode on the very first page.

Some other fantastic functions are the setting options for the app to startup on the portfolio tab, and especially to be able to add widgets of your favorite coins so I could just swipe left on my home screen and see the price. Thank you CoinGecko!

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Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiHi, thank you for your 5-star review! We are so happy you love our app and all its functions!

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We would appreciate any recommendations to your friends - you can also write to us at hello coingecko. They have pretty much every coin under the sun listed. They give you the prices, the information about the coin, basically everything you need to know.

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But the best part of all is you can sort it by which coin has gained the most in the last 24 hours. Talk about a buy list!!

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Carry-on brothers and sisters!! Make that paper boo-boo!!!

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That way you could enter an address and track your crypto portfolio more efficiently, transaction history more efficiently, and get your realized and unrealized profit information in the Portfolio section. And I know if anybody can do it, its the Coin Geck team behind the curtains.

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We'll review our features offered and try to improve on them in our future implementations - we apologize for bitcoin day trading profits inconveniences and we hope our future releases will be more in line with expectations.

Thanks again, and have a nice day!

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Următoarele date pot fi colectate, însă nu sunt asociate identității dvs. Aflați mai multe Informații.

Tranzacțiile din respectiva zi pot avea loc pe orice piață, dar cel mai adesea au loc pe piața Forexpe cursuri valutare sau pe bursa de valori, adică pe indici sau acțiuni. Pentru a avea succes ca trader intraday de Forex, trebuie să aveți capital suficient și cunoștințe solide despre piața pe care tranzacționați. Deși dispuneți de acestea, succesul nu este garantat. Mai ales când prețurile fluctuează foarte mult în timpul unei singure sesiuni de tranzacționare.