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Funny thing is the areas bitcoin trader dragons den peter jones is would work the best people just use rain barrels and roof catch systems. In areas that are arid it would not produce enough water for one person per day.

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Time and time again people pitch these scams and simple physics equations show that it takes a tremendous amount of energy to condense water vapor. The only proof you need is the cost of running your air conditioner.

Why You Will Never Find The Bitcoin Trader Dragons Den Episode!

AllenMan Mcgees they are selling a glorified dehumidifier stpierreorama Acum 8 Zile First thing I thought was that it's a dehumidifier that looks like a water serving station Chief Justice Acum 9 Zile I have a water dispenser that looks remarkably simular to that.

The bottle isn't on top its contained in the bottom.

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I wish they opened that compartment. Why is there fake cash littered around everywhere, it just looks ridiculous Why is it called "Dragon's Den", I'm sorry I thought this was a show about investors and investment, otherwise known as "Sharks" hence the correct titles of the shows version in the AU and US A JOKE!!!!!

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Cocky people have given the title as 'Dragon" Dragons usually are Thushara Nilantha Don't bring this shits into sri lanka Squash3k Acum 9 Zile can you all stop making fun of his hyperhydrosis condition and start making fun of how fast he talks StudlyHunk Acum 9 Zile These are like those opportunist people that took part in pyramid scheme and manage to earn some profit then pull out right before it collapse and then laugh at those losing money.

They just don't care about the ethical implication.

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Parking Evolution. At 5 percent they would still have got a good deal. As with most things on Dragons Den it is mostly bullshit. People now go on the show for exposure and even the majority of deals that are 'sealed' on the show do not go through. It is just entertainment but no real insight into entrepreneurship.