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Fiind una dintre platformele de schimb de criptomonede care a fost verificată de guvernul indonezian, Tokocrypto se angajează să vă schimbe întreaga experiență de tranzacționare oferind o aplicație de tranzacționare a activelor cripto ușor de utilizat. Vă permite să cumpărați și să vindeți bitcoin și alte active cripto ușor, eficient și în siguranță. Tranzacționați Bitcoin și alte active digitale cu ușurință și siguranță pe aplicațiile Tokocrypto.

In addition, when using some features of the Services, you may be subject to specific additional terms and conditions applicable to those features. Please read the terms carefully as they govern your use of Binance Bitcoin usd astăzi. As with any asset, the values of Digital Currencies as defined below may fluctuate significantly and there is a substantial risk of economic losses when purchasing, selling, holding or investing in Digital Currencies and their derivatives.

By accessing, using or attempting to use Binance Services in any capacity, you acknowledge that you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree, do not access Binance or utilize Binance services. Definitions 1.

In case of any inconsistency between relevant terms of use of the above platforms and the contents of these Terms, the respective applicable terms of such platforms shall prevail. Binance Operators refer to all parties that run Binance, including but not limited to legal persons, unincorporated organizations and teams that provide Binance Services and are responsible for such services.

Binance Platform Rules refer to bitcoin trader plattform rules, interpretations, announcements, statements, letters of consent and other contents that have been and will be subsequently released by Binance, as well as all regulations, implementation rules, product process descriptions, and announcements published in the Help Center or within products or service processes.

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Users refer to all individuals, institutions or organizations that access, download or use Binance or Binance Services and who meet the criteria and conditions stipulated by Binance.

If there exist other agreements for such entities as developers, distributors, market makers, and Digital Currencies exchanges, such agreements shall be followed.

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Digital Currencies refer to encrypted or digital tokens or cryptocurrencies with a certain value that are based on blockchain and cryptography technologies and are issued and managed in a decentralized form. Digital Assets refer to Digital Currencies, their derivatives or other types of digitalized assets with a certain value.

Binance Accounts refer to the foundational virtual accounts, including main accounts and subaccounts, which are opened by Binance for Users to record on Binance their usage of Binance Services, transactions, asset changes and basic information.

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Binance Accounts serve as the basis for Users to enjoy and exercise their rights on Binance. Crypto-to-crypto Trading refers to spot transactions in which one digital currency is exchanged for another digital currency. Fiat Trading refers to spot transactions in which Digital Currencies are exchanged for fiat currencies or vice versa.

General Provisions 1.

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About These Terms a. Contractual Relationship These Terms constitute a legal agreement and create a binding contract between you and Binance Operators.

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Supplementary Terms Due to the rapid development of Digital Currencies and Binance, these Terms between you and Binance Operators do not enumerate or cover all rights and obligations of each party, and do not guarantee full alignment with needs arising from future development. Changes to These Terms Binance reserves the right to change or modify these Terms in its discretion at any time.

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About Binance As an important part of the Binance Ecosystem, Binance mainly serves as a global online platform for Digital Assets trading, and provides Users with a trading platform, financing services, technical services and other Digital Assets-related services. As further detailed in Article 3 below, Users must register and open an account with Binance, and deposit Digital Assets into their account prior to trading. Users may, subject to the restrictions set forth in these Terms, apply for the withdrawal of Digital Assets.

Although Bitcoin trader plattform has been committed to maintaining the accuracy of the information provided through Binance Services, Binance cannot and does not guarantee its accuracy, applicability, reliability, integrity, performance or bitcoin trader plattform, nor shall Binance be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused directly or indirectly by your use of these contents.

The information about Binance Services may change without notice, and the main purpose of providing such information is to help Users make independent decisions.

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Binance does not provide investment or consulting advice of any kind, and is not responsible for the use or interpretation of information on Binance or any other communication medium. All Users of Binance Services must understand the risks involved in Digital Assets trading, and are recommended to exercise prudence and trade responsibly within their own capabilities.

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Binance Account Registration and Requirements a. When you register a Binance Account, you must provide your real name, email address and password, and accept these Terms, the Privacy Policy, and other Binance Platform Rules.

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Binance may refuse, in its discretion, to open a Binance Account for you. You agree to provide complete and accurate information when opening a Binance Account, and agree to timely update any information you provide to Binance to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information.

Binance Terms of Use

Only one User can be registered at a time, but each individual User including any Bitcoin trader plattform that is a business or legal entity may maintain only one main account at any given time. Institutional Users including Users that are businesses and other legal entities can open one or more subaccounts under the main account with the consent of Binance.

For certain Binance Services, you may be required to set up a special account independent from your Binance Account, based on the provisions of these Terms or the Supplementary Terms.