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Ce-am învățat ca român cât am minerit criptomonede ca Bitcoin

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The three partners, siblings Chris, Theodore and Basil are the sons of Constantine Tsanaktsidis, founder of Tsanaktsidis" THE 9 BROTHERS ", which for 50 years was one of the leading firms in the Greek territory in "stone years' of Greek growth, for the sale of machinery and parts, manufacturing and converting into vehicles, flatbed, tank-tanks, cranes etc. Particular was btc închiriere on hydraulic oil systems in marketing, manufacturing and repair.

The Tsanaktsidis K. Nevertheless the btc închiriere after its creation was not only in hydraulic systems, but broadened its horizons into other markets, most notably This recycling and more specifically, machines for the recycling of metal scrap.

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Customer response has been amazing, giving an air of optimism, so the company was in a very short time is among the first Greek companies marketing machines for recycling. In light of the immediacy and openness, the quality and not the irresponsible sale anonymous machinery has won-not random-respect and confidence of its customers and its suppliers.

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It is noteworthy that it is the only company in Greece recycling machines and hydraulic systems have: Organized sales.