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The white paper, called "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" was issued to the subscribers of the cryptography mailing list and described a revolutionary technology that created the world's first genuine peer-to-peer, trustless and decentralized monetary system.

The internet-based money enabled online payments without a trusted intermediary or third-party and was also not under the control of a government or corporate entity.

While Bitcoin was the headliner of the white paper, it was not the technology that enabled the peer-to-peer, electronic, cash system to work.

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That technology was called Blockchain. Ironically, the word blockchain was never mentioned in the white paper but was described in detail. So, in earlyBitcoin was released as a public domain piece of software.

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Among other capabilities, Blockchain peter vases bitcoin trust on the Internet between parties who are anonymous. Blockchain is indeed a revolutionary capability that put a new spin on how applications could be built going forward. This is why it is impossible to browse the Internet, pick up a newspaper or magazine and not see a headline referencing Blockchain.

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